Shoe lasts

Since 1867, our most important product has been designed and produced in Ellrich at the southern edge of the Harz Mountains. We offer different production methods for our shoe lasts in order to give you the option of choosing the most suitable method for your requirements. We are happy to advise you on the selection of the right production method for your product.

Shoe lasts in oline catalog

Spenlé shoe lasts

The original Spenlé shoe lasts are made of high-quality wood or plastic. We offer different types of shoe lasts for various requirements which you can see and order directly via our online catalogue below. You can also find an overview of these models in our printed shoe last catalogue.

Shoe lasts of former company Hartmann

Below, we are offering shoe lasts with the model designations of the former company Hartmann. The lasts are produced by Spenlé according to the old model numbers. In addition to different production methods, we also offer various surfaces, dividings and configurations.


We offer a wide range of production methods. You decide in consideration of price, delivery time and individuality which production method is the best for you.

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All products made of wood are available in one of the following three surfaces: crude, sharpened or polished. Products made of plastic are only available with a crude surface.

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Shoe lasts and insole forms can be made of wood or plastic. We are happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each material as well as possible applications.

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When producing your shoe lasts, we can implement additional options:

Stand sleeve: Ø12*40 mm or Ø10*35 mm
Screw type: cross, hexagon, socket or torx head
Heel plate: optionally


We make your shoe lasts with all common dividings. Please find more information by clicking on the link below. Of course, we are also able to realise customer-specific dividings.

More about dividings

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