In the production of shoe lasts and isole lasts, we are working closely with our customers. This is why we enable you to choose from a number of data collection methods. Our range of methods includes traditional techniques such as moulding or the use of your models as well as modern techniques such as the transmission of 3D data.

Production according to 3D data

We produce shoe lasts according to all common 3D data formats. In software export, these are mainly .stl, .igs or point cloud formats. Send us your 3D data and get information on the possibilities. In general, a distinction is made between two methods: finished data (the shoe last is constructed by the customer) or scans (the shoe last is constructed by us).

Additionally, we are able to realise very short production times (24/48 hours) for common software systems such as OptiCAD or LeCAD.

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Fertigung nach 3D-Daten

Production according to catalogue model

We offer a wide range of shoe lasts which cover nearly all possible application purposes.

Our catalogues give you an overview of the available standard models and their sizes and widths. When using the online catalogue, you can order shoe lasts directly via our website.

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Fertigung nach Katalog-Modell

Production according to footprint

For the production of shoe lasts, we also use the footprint you made. You make the footprint as usual (as blueprint or electronically) and add the corresponding measurements and other information. Send it to us by mail, e-mail or fax.

In order to choose the ideal shoe last, we need information such as dimensions, heelheight, toecap and other details. We will then select the best shoe last for your blueprint from our extensive range of models.

Advice: if possible, draw the desired toecap/profile on one side or indicate the tip additions as well as the heel stop on the footprint. Specify only the required heelheight in the shoe last (not the potential shortening)!


Production according to moulding

We will construct and produce your shoe lasts and insole lasts according to all common moulding possibilities. No matter if positive or negative mould - send us your mould and give us detailed information on your requirements.

Copysocks / plaster bandage


We will digitise the moulds you send us and use them for the individual construction and production of shoe lasts in consideration of the information on the data sheets and, if any, a footprint.

Plaster model / plaster positive

Plaster model

The positive moulds or models are digitised and then used for the construction in the same way as moulds. Your benefit: you are able to make modifications or changes before construction. The disadvantage is the risk of damage during transport.

Impression foam

Impression foam

After converting the foam impression to 3D model it is used for individual insole lasts or shoe lasts. It is possible to use this plantar moulding as part of the shoe last production based on footprint or moulding (entire foot). The desired heelheight and toecap will be considered.

Production according to model

Send us your old or defective shoe lasts or the ones you want to modify. We will produce new shoe lasts based on them. All models will be digitised and then produced true to the original or according to your change requests. In doing so, we can realise measurement adjustments or fundamental modifications. Whether a change from a low shoe last to a leg last and vice versa, or a change in the heelheight - everything is possible.

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