Outline foils

Outline foils

With these foils, it is easier to select a shoe last model. After the orthopaedic shoemaker has taken a footprint of a patient, different outline foils can be placed on that footprint and then they are compared. This process helps us to choose the best shoe last model.

The outline foils outline the inner sole or the plantar outline of the last. In doing so, the toecap shape, the hindfoot proportions, the hindfoot width and specific deformations are clearly visible.

Additionally, the foils are printed with information on size, width, ball girth and heelheight. The foils are available for all shoe last models in different widths.

  • Material: PE foil, printed
  • Sizes: from 20 to 50, depending on model
  • Widths: depending on model

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Replacement of the lighting system with LED lighting in the production and warehouse areas

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