Cookie policy and information

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore we use no cookies that contain personal or identifiable information about you. We use cookies that serve that serve the purpose of making visits to our sites more effective or evaluate the visits statistically.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that helps the site to “remember” specific settings (e.g. login, language, font size, etc.) over a certain period of time, so that those settings don’t have to be made at each subsequent visit and while navigating the website.

Control over cookies

If you wish to limit, delete or block cookies, you can make appropriate settings in your browser. Because these settings vary depending on the browser, please refer to the help menu of the browser or the user manual of the mobile device for instructions on how the cookie settings are changed.

What kinds of cookies are used?

We use both first-party cookies that are created and used by our website, and some third-party cookies that are created and used by third parties via our site. Some cookies are session cookies which are automatically deleted directly or shortly after the visit of our site. Others are permanent cookies, which can be stored for longer time periods or several visits to our website.

Cookie settings

First-party cookies

  • CMM3
    This cookie contains anonymous user information (generally, a unique ID), which serve the attribution of the pages you visit to your user. They are automatically deleted directly or a short time after you left the website.
    Duration: Session duration, Category:Required
  • cookiebar
    Saves the setting of whether you accept the use of cookies in the cookie info bar and prevents the possible re-display of the info bar.
    Duration: 90 days, Category: Required
  • externalContentConsent
    Stores whether you have agreed to the display of external content (e.g. Google maps, iFrames) and allows it to be displayed.
    Duration: Session duration, Category: Required
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