Production according to moulding

We will construct and produce your shoe lasts and insole lasts according to all common moulding possibilities. No matter if positive or negative mould - send us your mould and give us detailed information on your requirements.

Copysocks / plaster bandage


We will digitise the moulds you send us and use them for the individual construction and production of shoe lasts in consideration of the information on the data sheets and, if any, a footprint.

Plaster model / plaster positive

Plaster model

The positive moulds or models are digitised and then used for the construction in the same way as moulds. Your benefit: you are able to make modifications or changes before construction. The disadvantage is the risk of damage during transport.

Impression foam

Impression foam

The impression foam is digitised by us as a 3D mould. Afterwards, it is used in construction for the individual insole last or shoe last. In doing so, it is possible to use this plantar moulding  for the shoe last production according to footprint or a construction according to moulding (entire foot). When producing insole lasts according to impression foam, the desired heelheight and toecap will be considered.

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