3D Scanner

Consulting the right choices

We currently do not distribute 3D scanners, but we would like to advise you in choosing the optimum solution for you, not least in order to guarantee a smooth workflow from scan to production.

For many years we have gained extensive experience with 3D products from various providers, whether through the use in our own company or by the testimonials and 3D data of our customers.

Against this background, we can make qualified statements on the quality and accuracy of the generated 3D data and the advantages and disadvantages of different categories of equipment from multiple manufacturers.

We clarify the decisive questions with you

  • Need the unit stationary (scan-cabin) or mobile (clinic, home visit, several branches)?
  • When will the product have payed off (number of applications per month)?
  • Should the device be used for other applications (back scan, orthotics, prosthetics)?
  • Do you want to capture only 3D data or construct yourself?
  • and other related aspects of the purchase

Make contact

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